In this catalogue, you will find a part of our products. We have developed a large range of end mills, micro-mills, drills, borings and inserts. We have also realized series of tests allowing us to standardize geometric technics directed to an efficient treatment of different groups of materials present in your workshop.

Some of these products are already stored in our warehouse and deliverable on the next day (check references on the next pages) for a purchase order sent before 3:00PM. We also have a large range of non stored tools that may become storable at your demand. You just need to ask one of our sales representatives and indicate your monthly or annual potential and we will give you our approval of stock.

We have realized a very detailed codification for the launch of those standardized products so it makes it easier for you to determine all the measures depending on what you need.

The tools are all manufactured in our production workshops in France thanks to our very new simulation and production means.

On each of our tools, you must find a batch number that will help you follow the production and control report of the batches you will receive.

Do not hesitate to come visit our production sites, Our teams will be delighted to welcome you.

Thank you for your trust,
Our teams.


Download as PDF file.

Download as PDF file.

Download as PDF file