Tools maintenance

We have a consequent machine shop specialized in the maintenance of cutting tools. Thanks to our 5 and 7 axes CNC machines, we repair and reshape your standard tools from all manufacturers of cutting tools brands in unit volume and small series. From HSS, carbide to PCD / CBN tools, our engineering teams will meet your demands.

We also perform maintenance tools based on drawings. We record the plans and take into account every detail (reformed odds, minimum useful length, diameter...).

Coating after sharpening :
We have two strong partnerships with two companies specialized in the technical coating of tools.
Thanks to 3 shuttles a week, our customers’ tools circulate in and out of our subsidiaries with a constant flow.

Coated tools get better performances and longevity. Our engineers are able to give you advices about what would be the best coating for your use. Our sales representatives are on the road to visit you every week and assure you a strong reactivity concerning the pick up and delivery of your tools.