Tools Manufacturing

Our companies are in possession of manufacturing machinery for rotary and static tools at the cutting edge of technology :
• Pallet charger to manufacture in series
• Filtration, recycling of carbide and oils conditioning so as to guarantee a sharpening at room temperature

We manufacture HSS, carbide, polycrystalline diamond and cubic boron nitride tools, catalog standards or specific. We respond to all your demands.
Mills, drills, reamers, nothing is impossible concerning the cutting.
We are equipped with automated control means, optic cameras and 3D sensor of a very high quality.
They allow us to deliver tools that meet your requirements.

We store your bills of materials (BOM’s) items and tool machine programs in specialized folders to ensure repeatability. In addition, all documents from your business, are classified and stored in a secure server (obsolete documents to indexed records updated).
Our tools are laser engraved with the batch number and packed in boxes labeled to ensure complete traceability from a case to another. Each tool is followed by a serial number of manufacture that will help you follow the production and control report of the batches you will receive.